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MaxSteel Buildings Metal carports are designed to protect cars, trucks, boats, small campers, and other equipment from weather conditions, but they can provide great solutions for a variety of needs. A metal carport can serve as a covered outdoor recreation area, as shaded outdoor workspace, or as open storage. Depending on the site of the carport you need, what you plan to keep under it, and the weather conditions possible in your area, a certified carport may give you the documentation and peace-of-mind needed. If you like the value of a metal carport but need some additional enclosed storage space to keep valuables protected from harsh weather, consider our Carport with Storage Unit.
  WITH STORAGE                                                      STANDARD                                    CERTIFIED

Our 12′-24′ wide standard metal carports are made from the finest quality materials and are economically priced. We can customize each order to fit your exact needs with our selection of sizes, shapes and colors. Your cars, boats and other investments are sure to be well protected from the elements with these functional and attractive steel structures. Base metal carport prices are for frame and roof only (no side panels or other customizations) and include FREE delivery and installation on level land, concrete slab, asphalt or wood. Labor charge may be added for non-level job sites and other issues. Note: The frame will be one foot shorter than the roof due to 6″ overhang on each gable end, so a dimension of 20’x26′ has a frame dimension of 20’x25′. Regular roof styles do not have any overhang on the sides while both the boxed eave and vertical roof do have overhang.

And don’t forget, while you may start with a simple metal carport, they can be enclosed to become metal garages, or expanded with a lean-to to create metal workshops or other useful metal buildings.


  • From 12′ to 24′ wide
  • From 21′ to any length (including overhang)
  • From 6′ to 16′ side height
  • 14-gauge steel framing
  • 29-gauge metal roof panels
  • Full bracing (1 per post) on 8’ and taller or 22’ and wider sizes (unless gabled or closed ends)
  • Certification is automatic if installed on concrete
  • 12-gauge steel framing
  • 26-gauge metal panels
  • Premium colors (extended warranty)
  • Color-matching screws
  • Gables
  • J-Trim
  • Certification (for ground or asphalt, not available for wood platform)

  • 12×21
  • 12×26
  • 12×31
  • 12×36
  • 12×41
  • 18×21
  • 18×26
  • 18×31
  • 18×36
  • 18×41
  • 20×21
  • 20×26
  • 20×31
  • 20×36
  • 20×41
  • 22×21
  • 22×26
  • 22×31
  • 22×36
  • 22×41
  • 24×21
  • 24×26
  • 24×31
  • 24×36
  • 24×41
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Accepting Payments for
Whitt's Buildings &  Wingard Rentals
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